A new single and plans for the future

After issuing a long version of “A Whale’s Escape” now is out on the market an even longer version of “Life in the ’70s”, one of my favourite track from the album Crossing Border.
After this I have in plan to publish a third single taken from the same album and it will likely be the last of this kind.
I’m quite happy with the result of my remix. The single features a very long version of “Life in the ’70s” that makes of it the longest track I’ve published so far. I can’t refrain to move my feet while listening to the music, I hope it will be the same for you.
Going on with the ‘restoration’ work of my early tracks, started with the remastered version of “Space Balkans”, this new single contains the remastered version of “A night ride”. I love that song but I feel like I wasn’t able yet to arrange it in a way to express all its potential, however I don’t have in plan to release one more version.
The third track of this new single is an orchestral version of “Life in ’70s”. I liked the idea of using pizzicato instead of funky guitar, this is the reason why I made this version.
Last track, described as “Album Edit” is only slightly different from the version of the Album but I think the sound is more round and smooth.
Meanwhile I’m working also in perspective for my future releases. Nothing is still confirmed but, as I mentioned above, there should be a new single from Crossing Borders with a small surprise and then I will start again to release brand new songs.
I have in the pipeline 4 new songs to be released in an EP or in two singles, then there is the second volume of Soundtracks and 4 brand new techno/dance tracks. And maybe, but not sure yet, a compilation for the Japanese market. And of course I’m putting down new ideas for my 2019 album.
A lot of stuff that I hope will meet your tastes.

Stay tuned!

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