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A starship landing in Kalahari desert

Late night in Kalahari desert.
For two tribes of San people this night is a special one. The daughter of the local village head just married the young boss of the nearby village and people are celebrating.
Music flows without stopping. Players are obsessively beating on their instruments and the sound is spreading all around in the darkness of the desert under a dark sky filled by shining stars.
It’s an amazing experience to watch the sky here, with almost no artificial lights. Stars seem to be so close, really so close. But wait, one of them really looks too close and big and it actually become closer and bigger every second.
But people keeps celebrating ignoring what is happening over their heads. The light getting closer splits into a miriad of small but brilliant lamps: red, green, yellow and white.
The boys and the girls are dancing and all the others are clapping hands in circle while musicians keep playing marimbas. Music is all around.
Suddenly, from the sky, a subtle sound start to fall. Source is among the multicouloured lights. All the eyes are toward the sky now but there’s no fear because the music from the sky perfectly fit the tune of marimbas. Music set up a magic connection between the visitors and the locals. In just one moment two cultures are talking each other thanks to the power of music. Traditional instruments and weird sounds from the starship are in perfect harmony. It is a fantastic moment and a joyful energy is pervading all the bodies.
Eventually, the melody from the alien visitors stops and so it happens on earth. The night is darker now and none knows it this happened for real or it was just a dream.

This short tale inspired me one of the tracks of my new album. Title of the song is the same as this tale.

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