An intelligent dog and other Summer stories…

It’s quite a long time that I do not post anything on this blog. Meanwhile a new year started. What will bring to Muynak is pretty unknown. A bit less obscure is what Muynak will bring to all Muynakers spread all around the world and I will tell you something about at the end of this post.

I’m quite satisfied about the past year. Few figures are able to explain why. With final report still to be completed, I can tell you that my songs were listened in over 24 countries more than 400 times. I’m not ready to get the top of the ranking but it is not so bad for my first year. Hope to increase this in 2019.

And I hope that my new EP, “An intelligent dog and other Summer stories” is going to give his contribution. It contains four brand new tracks. It was since August that I didn’t publish any new piece of music with the exception of Russian Nightmare that was, in any case, the original version of Ode to the Aral, so not really a new song.

I’ve collected in this EP four tracks that have in common a certain kind of happiness and warmth. No dark music nor techno nor experimental. Just simple pop tunes. Actually the title of one song, in some way the title track, has a funny origin. What we often say about “An intelligent dogs” is that it lacks of the gift of word. That song, to me, would be perfect with lyrics but I’m not gifted yet. That’s why the tune became naturally “An intelligent dog”.

The other three songs are the “Summer stories”, There is Australian Summer maybe because published in December, Summer in the West and Flying over the sea that has also some Summer atmosphere. I hope you will enjoy the songs.

For the first time, I’ve tried to manage better the final mastering. I think you should be able to notice a deeper and richer sound.

And now few hints about what’s next in Muynak’s world. I’m currently working at a collection focused on Japanese market but that will be available as usual in several markets all around the world. It will contain 9 tracks in new versions and 1 new song. Maybe, but not confirmed yet, this collection will be followed by a single/remix. Later on in first quarter of 2019 I should publish the second volume of Soundtracks series and very likely an EP with techno music. New album will be out, if I will be good enough, by August.

Stay tuned!

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