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An unexpected success

When I’ve decided to publish the “Soundtracks, Volume I” EP, as I wrote in my post, I did it just because I had four tracks ready and I didn’t want to wait for some future “Rarities” record (who would buy it… 🙂 ).
I’d never expected that one of the song in the album could become my most successful song so far on Spotify.
Instead, as you can see from the page Hits & Countries, A Chinese Ghost Story is, right now, my most successful song. Should I take this as a suggestion and explore ethnic music more than I’m doing? I have to think about it.
In my new record there is some slight influence from African sounds but no real ethnic music. Probably I will focus on this kind of music in one of my future releases.
By the way, I take this occasion to tell you that I’m working hard on this forthcoming record. Out of the 28 tracks I’m working on, 9 are already completed and at least 3 of them will be included in new album. I hope to release this new record by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

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