Influenced by a wide range of musical genres including Progressive Rock, Jazz, Bossa Nova and Techno Dance, Muynak has started his peculiar artistic path with a focus on electronic keyboards. Passion for travels echoes in his music with occasional reminds to unusual instruments and exotic atmospheres.
Early recordings (“Space Balkans”, “A night ride”) are mostly based on synth sounds and ’80s dance style. With “Music from Nowhere” there is a slight evolution with some more improvisation like in the final track “Seagull on a Solitary Beach”.
“Soundtracks, volume I” marks a further change toward ethnic influences. The EP collecting four tracks previously released as music background for YouTube videos, includes the iconic “A Chinese Ghost Story”, one of the biggest success of the artist.
However, it is with the first album, Crossing Borders that most of the musical influences of Muynak are clearly transferred into his tracks. The album contains 14 instrumental tracks moving from dance to pop rock, from ballads to funky, from prog to classical making of this record a multifaceted musical experience showing, stil with some lack of experience, the great potentiality of this Italian composer and musician.