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My real name is not so important. For you that are reading this page and for all my fans, I’m Muynak and I hope is not a problem if I have the same name of a town in Uzbekistan. By the way, this was not a casual choice. I’ve been to Muynak and I was so impressed (read something about disaster of Aral sea if you want to know why) that, when I decided to publish my first single, that became my stage name.
Traveling is my passion and feelings, memories and music I’ve met in my trips is surely influencing my music.
If we talk about my musical influence, well, is not so easy to exclude something. Progressive Rock, Jazz, Bossa Nova and Techno are few of my favourite genres but I respect them so much that I don’t dare to say that they’re really come into my tracks.
First singles were just a divertissement following the composition of some tune for YouTube videos.
Music for Nowhere music has been written on purpose for the record, but still I felt I could have done better (and I still feel it).
The first step forward I think I did it with the album Crossing Borders and the singles I’ve taken from it. Other music was issued afterward but not so frequently due to my other profession. However, the compilation Minu-Ga-Hana (Blindness is a flower) represents a sort of peak of my work so far.
I’m keeping producing music. I’ve a lot of projects right now and soon you will hear it.
For now, I hope you would enjoy this new website. I’ve done it on my own as I did with all the covers of my records, mostly based on pictures I’ve taken around the world. For latest record, Bat Flight, I’ve used a draw of mine for the first time.