Blindness is a flower, the Japanese edition is out!

Let’s start from the title of my new record. Why “Blindness is a flower”? What does it means?

If you are Japanese, you know Japanese language or you just searched for the title of the album on Google, you will see that 見ぬが花 is a Japanese proverb usually translated as Not Seeing is a Flower. I didn’t like the literal translation so I’ve slightly changed into Blindness is a Flower.

But what exactly means 見ぬが花? The idea is that not seeing can develop imagination and so you can “see” flowers. How this proverb fits to my production is not so complicated. I think I have a lot of musical influences but I don’t have a proper formation on music theory. Is this not a form of blindness if you are making music? So I hope that lack of knowledge can free up my mind and make my music different.

This compilation is my “flower” for all my fans spread over more than 30 countries. The album will be available in three editions. The main one with Japanese title published on Spotify, AppleMusic, GooglePlay & Amazon. An Arabic one published on Anghami while the international one will be available on other channels.

Let’s talk now about the music. Twelve tracks of which eleven are already published but in this record I really think they sound as they never did before. I’ve tried to polish them with a work of remastering that took a lot of time. And the album, this way, sounds more compact and homogenous. More or less, all of them had some minor change compared to the previous versions and in some case the changes are more evident.

Twelve tracks, we said. Let’s start from the last one, the title track. I guess is one of my most romantic track and it is pervaded by a sweet melancholic melody. I wrote the tune improvising on the keyboard but it took time to turn it into a finalised piece.

The other eleven tracks are taken from all my record, covering my entire discography so far. Space Balkans, from my debut single, it sound really powerful here. Then I re-arranged and remixed my second single “A night ride”. Two tracks are taken from “Music from Nowhere” and also in this case the new arrangement and master give, especially to Wet Velvet, a new light.
Of course I couldn’t keep out from this compilation what is, so far, my most successful track: A Chinese Ghost Story from Soundtracks vol.I. Since I didn’t want to modify it too much, I’ve added just some effects and new percussions.
Crossing Borders is represented by 5 songs. I suggest you to notice new arrangement of Frozen Dance, much more ‘freezing’ and my favourite Life in the ’70s, with a stronger bass. The most changed track is “Russian Nightmare”, the techno version of Ode to the Aral, here in a very strong version enriched by a guitar solo.

If you never heard of Muynak, start from this album.

And instead to all my beloved Muynakers, I tell that new records are coming. The beautiful ballad “Blindness is a flower”, in an edited version, will be part of an EP containing four ballads of which one unreleased. A sort of extension of this “Best of”.

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