The Sorrows of Young Muynak

My dear Muynakers,
I hope Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is not going to be upset by the title of this post.
I’m writing it to keep you updated about what I am doing as musician (I guess the rest of my life is not really interesting for you) and to share with you some of the current feeling of dissatisfaction.
After “A Whale’s Escape” mix, released about 2 weeks ago, I’m working at the second remix taken from “Crossing Borders” album. It will be “Life in the ’70s”. Extended version of the main track is ready and I’ve to say I like it a lot but the problem is that, as I did with “Space Balkans” in my previous mix, I want to include also in this new record an old song and it should be “A night ride”. Unfortunately I’m really struggling with the remix. I’m never satisfied about the result. Very upsetting. I hope to find the way because, in the end, I’m very fond of that track.
The only good news about my musician life is that I’m starting to write some new material. It will be used for my Album that will be released in 2019.

But don’t worry, still during this year, I will release new tracks, not only remixes. You should expect volume II of “Soundtracks”, a single in December and the Japanese record, a kind of best of with one or two unreleased tracks.
Stay tuned and thanks to all of you that are following my music.

I’m not that young in the end…

Recording sessions for new album

Oh yeah! A new record is on the way and this is going to be very likely my first album including more than 4 songs. When the idea of this new record first came to my mind I was thinking to give it the title ‘It’s all in here’ but now that the draft material is ready I think new record will be called “Crossing borders” or something like that.
Actually, the 27 partial tracks I will work on to create this new album feature a mix of styles that is quite new to me. That is the reason why I’m talking about crossing borders. From the quite comfortable zone of Techno-Dance I’m moving to new areas so far unexplored. Will I be able to cross these borders and to achieve some good result?
I don’t know, you will tell me, after the record will be out, likely in about one month.
Now I’m in a bit of panic status before starting the complex work of arranging, mixing new songs. In some case there’s still some composing work due in order to complete the work.
I hope that starting to face the first song will make the panic fades away. I promise to give you some update while the work goes on.

Let’s stay in touch.