Crossing Borders – The Missing Booklet – Part 1

My dear friends,
right now I’m not able to put any graphic element in my music releases other than the cover. This time, since I’m pretty convinced “Crossing Borders” is my best work so far, I’ve decided to publish here all the notes I would have put in a theoretical jewel-box edition of the CD. Here they are.

General notes

During past months I worked on many tracks. Initially I think I had about 50 basic ideas, slowly evolved into 28 full tracks with only 14 of them being part of Crossing Borders. This time I decided to focus not only on techno and dance music but follow any inspiration going in any direction and this basically means many different music genres. In this perspective the border(s) I’m crossing are the one between different musical areas. It is not by case that most techno-dance tracks are at the beginning at the album almost showing the start of a musical trip moving from one genre to the other ones.

The cover

As usual I managed graphic on my own. The cover picture was taken in the Grand Bazar in Tehran, Iran. I liked the idea of representing crossed borders as different colours. To me every border is a new experience made of new culture, music, food. The rainbow also stands for peace and this is never a bad thing when we talk about borders.

The songs – Part I

Night Song

This is the track more in line with style of my previous records. The atmosphere is not far from the Night Ride. And the Night is present also in this title. It is basically a dance track and I think I will issue a longer remix version sooner or later.

A Whale’s Escape

There is some prog influence in this number mostly in the pace and in the arrangement. While I was composing the music it started to come to my mind the idea of a whaling in the middle of the Ocean supported by latest technologies. Of course the author is backing the escape of those beautiful mammals. However, you will need to listen to the entire song to know the end of the story. I can confirm that no whales were harmed during the recording of this song.

Frozen Dance

When the sound is everything… I was playing with different synth sounds and I wrote this ice-bell obsessive tune. Everything else was added after, layer by layer, like I was doing a snowman. I’m very proud of the slightly dissonant sequence of piano chords in the middle of the track.

Under the Starry Sky

A quiet moment in a quiet place, sitting around the fire, under a sky full of stars, playing acoustic guitar and contrabass (quite unusual by the fire…). The orchestra is playing in the distance but maybe is just in our heads…

to be continued

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