Crossing Borders – The Missing Booklet – Part 2

My dear fans!
Here I am with the second part of notes about Crossing Borders. In first post I’ve told you about what inspired the album, about the cover and about four songs. Here you will find few words for five more songs.

The songs – Part II

Hiding in the jungle

Everything started with the rhythm and the synth pattern but I was struggling to find a melody to put on it. Suddenly, one evening, after few beers, the melody came out and I found it was good both for a guitar and for a saxophone. In the end I managed to put them together. The atmosphere is a bit anxious and I imagined someone hiding in the jungle running away from the enemy. Do you think is fitting?

Urban Hymn

Initially I wanted to put this track as start of the record, but then I prefer to move it in a more central position. The increasing amount of instruments and the unstoppable rhythm are a perfect example of an anthem or an hymn (in Italian we use “inno” that means also anthem). I’m quite proud of the arrangement especially of the pizzicato and the strong drums.

La marcia delle Scatolette

For the first time I use Italian language for a song title. In other cases the working title was Italian but the I changed to English and I didn’t feel I was losing anything but this time, the english translation sounds so different to me that I decided to keep the working title as the final one.
It’s a silly song, quite a divertissement but I keep moving my feet while I’m listening to it. In my mind this is the last song of Side A of the album. I’m old and to me discs are still made of two sides. I wanted to give this feeling also to the listeners and as you may notice I found the way to do it…

A starship landing in Kalahari desert

I said everything about the story told my this song in the article I wrote one week ago so here I will focus on the music.
There is a Peter Gabriel song called “Lead a normal life” in which he put together different layers of marimbas originally composed to be alternative each other. I was trying to do something similar but in the end what it came out was a kind of dialog between marimbas and synths. From here it was a quick move toward the idea of aliens interacting with African people and in that moment a starship landed in Kalahari desert.

Darkness and Light

I love the pastiche I made with the keyboards, the bass, the percussions and the drums and I was so proud of the sound that I kept playing the same theme for a lot of time. The music starts with a dark mood but slowly move toward a bright sound. That’s why I called the song Darkness and Light. The theme is very delicate and so the song is quite short. One of the shortest of the album.

to be continued

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