Crossing Borders – The Missing Booklet – Part 3

Hi there Muynakers,
I’m here again to complete the release notes for Crossing Borders, talking about the last five songs of the album.

The songs – Part III

Black Lake

Working title for this song was “Tamburo Africano”, Italian for “African Drum” and you can hear it at the beginning of the tracks but then it comes first an Hammond Organ and suddenly with piano and strings the theme changes completely. I wanted to paint a dark lake at night with sequence of waves reaching the lakeside. The central piano can be anything slowly flowing on those waves, maybe a steam boat, a canoe or an exotic version of Nessie? Who knows? Choice is free…

Life in ‘70s

This is one of my favourite tracks of the album. In the Seventies I was pretty young, almost a child but I think the ‘70s culture influenced me a lot. From musical point of view all starts with a very deep bass and some riff on the electric piano. I really liked the sound but in the beginning I wasn’t able to use it properly, then I started to improvise on guitar and I got two different tunes. I used them both. One is the intro and the other is the funky guitar leading until the end of the song.

Song for S.

No, I won’t tell you who is the “S” of the title. This is going to be a well kept secret. This is one of the few tracks that I could use to write a song, I mean including also lyrics. The first tune is that simple up and down that you can listen as intro of the song. The rest is a simple melody aiming to depict the happiness and the sadness of a “rollercoaster” relationship. I like the song and I hope I will be able to write more of this stuff maybe with more complex melodies.

Sweetheart Ballad

Sometimes the title of my tracks comes in the end, when the song is completed and I realise that the working title doesn’t fit at all. In this case, the title came from the very beginning and I decided to keep it even when the song evolved to a rock ballad with a long solo of the lead electric guitar. May a an electric guitar play a “sweetheart ballad”? I guess so… However, I would really like to see this number played by a band on a live concert. I hope it will happen one day.

Ode to the Aral Sea

This track has a quite complex story. The version that you can listen in the album is completely different from the original one. The track had a quite hard techno arrangement and the title was “Russian Nightmare”. Few days after I’ve completed the song I was listening to it while I was going to buy some food and suddenly I imagined the song played with an orchestral arrangement. It was all in my head, the cellos, the pizzicato… everything so in half a day I made this version. The title, in this case, didn’t fit too much and so, I decided to finally pay my tribute to the Aral Sea that also inspired me the stage name I use. The other version will be probably included in one of my future releases.

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