Diffusion of songs by country

Diffusion of songs by Country
QZDA5183652835A Chinese Ghost Story41
QZDA6191760616Life in the '70s - new version105
QZES7187754116Russian Nightmare82
QZES7205731412World Above the Clouds131
QZAPG174725311Space Balkans11
QZDA5183652910Last Emperor's Silk42
QZHN9190162410Welcome to Dystopia121
QZDA6191760210Space Balkans - new version101
QZES718775409Ode to the Aral Sea (A little symphony)81
QZDA518365309On a Rainy Highway43
QZDA818784889Life in the '70s511
QZB4J18547019A Distant Call33
QZDA818784809Frozen Dance53
QZDA818784858A Starship Landing in Kalahari Desert58
QZDA619176088Chinese Ghost Story - new version107
QZES518873468Life in the '70s (Extended)71
QZB4J18546998Wet Velvet31
QZ4JJ18294068An Intelligent Dog93
QZHN919016277Planning to Leave124
QZDA818784837Urban Hymn56
QZES718775427Ode to the Aral Sea (Album Edit)83
QZDA619176137Blindness is a flower - new version1012
QZDA619176097A starship landing in Kalahari desert - new version108
QZDA818784827Hiding in the Jungle55
QZDA518365317Deep Breath44
QZDA818784916Ode to the Aral Sea514
QZAPG17472546Back to Earth12
QZDA818784796A Whale's Escape52
QM2PV18992086A Whale's Escape (Album Version)63
QZDA619176076Hiding in the jungle - new version106
QZ4JJ18294046Flying over the Sea91
QZDA619499465Running into the Wires111
QZB4J18547025Seagull on a Solitary Beach34
QZDA818784875Black Lake510
QZ4JJ18294055Australian Summer92
QZES518873485Life in the '70s (Orchestral)73
QM2PV18992065A Whale's Escape (Last Battle Mix)61
QZAPG18520225A Night Ride21
QZDA818784785Night Song51
QM2PV18992075Space Balkans (Extended Remastered)62
QZES720573154Dreaming of a Concert132
QZDA818784814Under the Starry Sky54
QZDA619499474Psychedelic Cream112
QZDA619176114Russian Nightmare - new version1010
QZES518873494Life in the '70s (Album Edit)74
QZDA619176123Frozen dance - new version1011
QZB4J18547003Tidal Breath32
QZDA619176103A distant call - new version109
QZ4JJ18294073Summer in the West94
QZDA619176043A Whale Escape - new version103
QZDA619499493End Credits114
QZDA818784863Darkness and Light59
QZDA818784843La Marcia delle Scatolette57
QZDA619176053A night ride - new version104
QZES518873473A Night Ride (Remastered)72
QZDA818784902Sweetheart Ballad513
QZDA619176032Wet Velvet - new version102
QZDA619499482I wished it was a Waltz113
QZDA818784891Song for S.512
QZES720573171Pros and Cons134
QZHN919016281Interlude II125
QZHN919016251The Anthem122
QZES720573181The Lost Discotheque135
QZES720573161Party for Two at Night133
QZHN919016291After the walls were left behind126