Diffusion of songs by country

Diffusion of songs by Country
QZDA5183652836A Chinese Ghost Story41
QZDA6191760617Life in the '70s - new version105
QZES7205731416World Above the Clouds131
QZES7187754116Russian Nightmare82
QZDA5183652913Last Emperor's Silk42
QZAPG174725311Space Balkans11
QZHN9190162410Welcome to Dystopia121
QZDA6191760210Space Balkans - new version101
QZDA5183653010On a Rainy Highway43
QZDA8187848810Life in the '70s511
QZ4JJ18294069An Intelligent Dog93
QZDA818784809Frozen Dance53
QZDA518365319Deep Breath44
QZES718775409Ode to the Aral Sea (A little symphony)81
QZHN919016279Planning to Leave124
QZB4J18547019A Distant Call33
QZDA619499468Running into the Wires111
QZDA818784858A Starship Landing in Kalahari Desert58
QZDA619176088Chinese Ghost Story - new version107
QZES718775428Ode to the Aral Sea (Album Edit)83
QZES518873468Life in the '70s (Extended)71
QZB4J18546998Wet Velvet31
QZDA619176098A starship landing in Kalahari desert - new version108
QZDA818784827Hiding in the Jungle55
QZES720573157Dreaming of a Concert132
QZDA818784837Urban Hymn56
QZDA619176137Blindness is a flower - new version1012
QZDA619176076Hiding in the jungle - new version106
QZ4JJ18294046Flying over the Sea91
QM2PV18992076Space Balkans (Extended Remastered)62
QZDA818784916Ode to the Aral Sea514
QZB4J18547026Seagull on a Solitary Beach34
QZDA818784876Black Lake510
QZAPG17472546Back to Earth12
QZDA818784796A Whale's Escape52
QM2PV18992086A Whale's Escape (Album Version)63
QZAPG18520226A Night Ride21
QZDA818784785Night Song51
QZES720573175Pros and Cons134
QZ4JJ18294055Australian Summer92
QZES518873485Life in the '70s (Orchestral)73
QM2PV18992065A Whale's Escape (Last Battle Mix)61
QZDA619499475Psychedelic Cream112
QZES518873494Life in the '70s (Album Edit)74
QZDA619499484I wished it was a Waltz113
QZDA818784814Under the Starry Sky54
QZDA619176044A Whale Escape - new version103
QZDA619499494End Credits114
QZDA619176114Russian Nightmare - new version1010
QZES720573164Party for Two at Night133
QZDA619176053A night ride - new version104
QZDA619176033Wet Velvet - new version102
QZES518873473A Night Ride (Remastered)72
QZDA619176123Frozen dance - new version1011
QZB4J18547003Tidal Breath32
QZDA619176103A distant call - new version109
QZ4JJ18294073Summer in the West94
QZDA818784903Sweetheart Ballad513
QZES720573183The Lost Discotheque135
QZDA818784863Darkness and Light59
QZDA818784843La Marcia delle Scatolette57
QZDA818784892Song for S.512
QZHN919016281Interlude II125
QZHN919016291After the walls were left behind126
QZHN919016251The Anthem122