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First piece in the puzzle

After many days of working in a sinusoidal mood, tonight I feel I’m close to complete first track of the album. By the way, I’m also wondering whether publishing my new music in the form of album or instead put the tracks online as soon as they become ready.
Maybe I’m still stuck in an old style where singles were the starting point and they had a main track and a B-side and the album, lasting of course 45 minutes, was the appropriate end for each creative sequence. However, I will keep thinking about this topic and I will decide soon.
Meanwhile, as I was saying, work on first track seems to go on the right direction and I think I should complete it during the weekend.
Working title is “wet velvet” because in the initial stage of composition, its notes sounded to me as soft but also able to adhere to my musical feeling as a wet fabric would do on skin.
And for the first time I’m going to put here for you a small bite of this song.

I’m quite happy because this song, once completed and mixed, could be like that crucial piece in a puzzle that represents the turning point from the initial chaos to the final stage in which, no matter how long, the work will be completed. If this is going to happen new excerpts will come out here on this website. So, stay tuned.

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