First single taken from Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders has been my first album after two singles and two EPs with 4 songs each. It is pretty clear that I didn’t have the chance to extract any single from my previous records. With Crossing Borders, instead, I’ve decided to play a little bit and this is the reason why, very soon, I guess in about one week, first single taken from the album will be on the market.
The chosen song is “A Whale’s Escape”. Why? Well, first of all because I like the cover I’ve prepared for it. 🙂
I’ve made a cover for each song of the album, you never know…
The second and more serious reason is that I think the song needed a refresh in the mix. I was listening to it few weeks ago and I’ve found it a bit to dark and smothered so I decided to remix it giving it more breath and light. I’m still working at this version. Meanwhile I’ve completed what will be the second song of the single. It won’t be a song from Crossing Borders but instead a new version of “Space Balkans” taken from my first single. This version will very likely part of my Japanese record that will see the light by the end of the year. I will tell you more about this record and how much the simple fact that it was on my mind helped me during recording sessions of Crossing Borders. The new single will also feature the album version of “A Whale’s Escape”.
And now, before saying goodbye, here is the anticipation of the new single cover.

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