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Hiding in the jungle – Song notes

This song is taken from the record Crossing Borders, Album, 2018.

Hiding in the jungle is, in my opinion, one of the most elegant tracks I ever wrote. It was published originally in the album Crossing Borders but it was also included, in a slightly re-edited version, in the “Best of” (Minu-ga-hana). In this article I’m going to tell you a lot on how I composed the song and how it became the track you can hear in its final version.
Usually a good track starts from something good: a good melody, a good rhythmic part or, a good idea. In this case the key was the rhythm but I would add, also the groove. A mix between exotic percussions, bass line, synth and piano. You can listen to the first core of the song, here below.
Due to the mix of a piano that could sound somehow jazzy and the synth, working title was “Tech Jazz”.
There is a sort of frustration when you have the feeling that you have a good start but you’re not able to make it evolve it. Struggling to achieve some result, “TechJazz” didn’t change for a while, getting, as best result, just an improvement in the overall sound but no changes neither to the instrument set, neither to the arrangement. Here below the ‘polished’ version.
After several attempts, the first small sign of moving forward was addition of a saxophone. You can hear it here below. Most important for me was more understanding that Sax was ok with the overall mood of the song, that the melody itself.
Then, finally, thanks probably to an adequate dosage of alcohol, a second theme that could stay next to the first one, came out. Listen to it…
When you write a song, or at least this is what happens to me, there are also “bright” ideas quickly thrown in the bin. This is what happened to the addition of a further synth layer. You can “appreciate” it in the excerpt here below.
This song had a too warm atmosphere to get additional synthetic layers. I needed something with a rock-blues sound. Nothing better than a dark guitar with low notes. And there it is…
At this stage, finally the title became “Hiding in the Jungle”. Why? Reason is that, listening to the song, with this Chinese percussions and the grooving bass line, I had the view of someone moving carefully in the Jungle avoiding some danger. If I should say it with a movie, probably “Predator” would be the one.
Let’s get back to the song. I thought that guitar influence on the track needed to be further strengthened and that’s why I’ve added the high notes of a kind of solo.
Please notice also the new drum machine part, perfect, in my opinion to bridge the two guitars’ pieces. We are very close to build the track but still a final touch is needed and here it comes the return of the Saxophone, this time with a clear melodic line.
Sax enters with some delay but in the final version of the song everything is more or less ok.

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