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Escape from Dystopia, EP, 2019

All the tracks of this record were assembled, and in some case, composed in Moldova. Some of them, instead, was composed a lot of time ago. However, the idea of making a concept album was new. The story is easily said. An oppressive government, with a strong control on citizens, an emphatic anthem and the wish of running away. Can our hero will be able to escape? The cover picture was actually taken in Roswell (yes, the town of the aliens…) during a parade.

Escape from Dystopia
Release Date: October 23, 2019
(UPC: 194871979609)

1 - Welcome to Dystopia - 2:39 - 🗒
2 - The Anthem - 2:27
3 - Interlude - 1:47
4 - Planning to Leave - 3:22
5 - Interlude II - 1:24
6 - After the walls were left behind - 2:18

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