New Muynak's EP is out! Flames. Available now on all streaming services.

Flames, EP, 2021

Flames is a record completed in about five weeks thanks to a prolific moment in terms of creativity. I think that a part of this spirit is due to the collaboration with my music mentor, Sini. It’s the first time I’m collaborating with someone else and this really helped me.
These five tracks are completely different, one from the other. The title track is a kind of live improvisation almost Acid Jazz style. Second one is a kind of ballad, quite dissonant. To me it should represent a kind of bridge between worlds as the town of Thessaloniki, located between West and East, somehow embodies.
Rain in the valley is the first track I started to compose for the new record, it has some blues inside but is hard to find. Lament is a nocturnal track based on a long solo of trumpet. The disk is closed by a lullaby. I had in mind to write some lyrics but I didn’t completed. Sooner of later I will do. Last few words about the cover. It is based on a picture I took in Tula (Russia). The original photo was depicting an outdoor lamp… 🙂
I really hope you will appreciate my new songs and you can listen to them using links below.

Release Date: April 03, 2021
(UPC: 196052227189)

1 - Flames - 3:43
2 - One day in Thessaloniki - 6:11
3 - Rain in the valley - 5:02 - 🗒
4 - Lament - 3:28
5 - Muynak's Lullaby - 3:22

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