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QD1: The Quarantine Diaries, EP, 2020

After half year of silence, closed in the house in Moscow, due to quarantine, I’ve been able to get focus on music again and the result are the four songs of QD1 also said, “The Quarantine Diaries, I”. All tracks are related to the very strange situation common to all the world. Lack of live music, of going out at night, or the consideration of pros of cons of the context. But in the end, if you look over the clouds, things seems better. The picture of the cover was shot in Toronto in 2017.

The Quarantine Diaries
Release Date: May 03, 2020
(UPC: 195267041757)

1 - World Above the Clouds - 3:37
2 - Dreaming of a Concert - 3:47
3 - Party for Two at Night - 3:13
4 - Pros and Cons - 3:22
5 - The Lost Discotheque - 5:41

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