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Rain in the valley – Song notes

This song is taken from the record Space Balkans.

This is probably the most complex track of the EP Flames, a record mostly based on solid rhythmic bases and improvisations on it. This is only partially true for Rain in the Valley.
I’ve started composing this track in the third week of February in 2021.
The initial working title was in Italian, as it often happens to me and it was “Accordo triste” meaning “Sad chord”. In fact, the first notes to put in the score were those one of three chords, C major, C minor and D minor 7. On this short chord progression, I’ve almost immediately built a bass line.
The core of the track was already there and you can listen it in the below excerpt.

Right after it, I’ve recorded a small solo at the synth but, on a first stage, I put it aside to focus on a melodic line on piano.
This melodic line didn’t have long life but nevertheless the track started to grow with the addition of new instruments and drums. The original chord progression now is played by piano and electric organ while a new line with strings is giving (or is trying to give) more breathe to the song. The pretty chaotic result can be heard in the below excerpt.

The string section suffered from a fast genetic transformation and quickly turned into a space pad layer. Here below you have a third excerpt in which you can also appreciate a cleaner bass sound.

At this stage the song had one week life and it started to sound much as it is now in its final version in the record or, better to say, the start sounds more or less as it is now and, furthermore, all other elements you can hear in the final version were there. In particular a solo of vibraphone and the original synth solo, back to life, but with a ‘voice’ that I really didn’t like too much. Please listen to the two following exerpts.

Meanwhile the other tracks of the EP started to be composed and this led me to neglect a bit this song. It took about 10 days before I put again hands on it.
When I did it, I mostly worked on the structure of the song, trying to give to each section the right ‘dignity’ and to create a well balanced song including also a nice ending.
But still, the track had its original working name.
It became “Rain in the valley” only mid March at its 13th take. The duration of this first named version was about 5 minutes. In the attempt of making the track more solid, a rock drum was added but still my biggest wrath was the sound of the synth solo that now turned into a kind of guitar. In the following excerpt you can listen to both. Drum volume was increased on purpose.

Record was published on April 3rd and the excerpt above is dated March 28th. During these days I finally found the right sound for the solo and I decided to usa a more guitarish sound as you can hear in the following last excerpt.

Remaining changes affected the duration of the vibraphone solo that was shortened and the reinforcement of the drums, now more widespread along the track. And this is the version you can hear in the record.

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