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Recording sessions for new album

Oh yeah! A new record is on the way and this is going to be very likely my first album including more than 4 songs. When the idea of this new record first came to my mind I was thinking to give it the title ‘It’s all in here’ but now that the draft material is ready I think new record will be called “Crossing borders” or something like that.
Actually, the 27 partial tracks I will work on to create this new album feature a mix of styles that is quite new to me. That is the reason why I’m talking about crossing borders. From the quite comfortable zone of Techno-Dance I’m moving to new areas so far unexplored. Will I be able to cross these borders and to achieve some good result?
I don’t know, you will tell me, after the record will be out, likely in about one month.
Now I’m in a bit of panic status before starting the complex work of arranging, mixing new songs. In some case there’s still some composing work due in order to complete the work.
I hope that starting to face the first song will make the panic fades away. I promise to give you some update while the work goes on.

Let’s stay in touch.

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