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Space Balkans – Song notes

This song is taken from the record Space Balkans.

Space Balkans is the title track of my first single but was not the first song I’ve composed.
As many of my early tracks, also this one was made, in its original version, as a soundtrack for one of my YouTube video about travelling. What initially I intended to do was to create a small piece in the style of the Serbian trumpets bands. If you ever been to Serbia you would probably know what I talking about. It is a very peculiar kind of music. For many things is similar to what you can hear in other Balkan countries but combination of trumpets and drums is typically Serbian and the best place to listen to this musical genre is the festival of Guča held every year in August.

I was there once, in 2007. It’s really a crazy place where you could sit in an open-air restaurant having three different bands playing around, each one a different songs (even if Kalashnikov by Goran Bregović you an hear it slighter often). Everybody plays trumpet in Guča.

From the original concept I had in mind, only thing remained is the obsessive rhythm and some reminiscence of trumpet in one of the sound line. Next to it, it grows up another cyclic electronic tune vaguely reminding of SciFi sounds. When the track was remixed and eventually released for my first single, it was natural putting together these two inspirations in the title “Space Balkans”. Do you think it fits the music?

Here I would like to post some excerpt from the original files to show you how the track evolved.
Working title of the track was “Ritmica Balcanica” (Balkan Rhythm in Italian) and it sounded like this:
After a while, trumpets (synthetic ones) finally arrived jointly with more powerful drums and title became then the final Space Balkans.
The sound was this one:
To obtain the final sound that you can hear in the single, the last line of synth was added so, to obtain the following:

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