New Muynak's EP is out! Bat Flight on all streaming services.

Suddenly a new record…

I’m happy to announce to all my friends that I’ve just published a new record. To be honest I didn’t have it in plan but it came out that I had enough material for something new and I was in the mood for a new EP. As you may know I started to compose my music as soundtrack for videos of my Travel YouTube Channel. The four tracks of “Soundtracks, volume I” record were used for videos. I hope it could be interesting to know that in most of the cases these tracks are composed and recorded very quickly, typically in a few hours. For my standard records I keep on working on them until I’m not fully satisfied (or something close to it). You can see an example of this kind of work in “On a Rainy Highway” that it became “A Night Ride” changing the arrangement and adding some new part. “Deep Breath” instead is loosely related to “Tidal Breath” but to be honest I don’t remember which of the two tracks I started to work on. I think, by now, they can be considered as two completely different themes.
“A Chinese Ghost Story” and “Last Emperor’s Silk” are instead brand new tracks with the latter composed just few weeks ago. Maybe they will be reviewed for some future release but now you have the chance to listen to it in the very basic version. In a way, the serie of “Soundtracks” started with this “Volume I” is going to be a parallel serie with rarities. Why to wait for the fame to release such kind of stuff?
This new record is already available in most of the streaming channel including, of course, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. Hope you will like it. I have to admit that I’m quite proud of the EP cover that I made on my own, as usual. I know in advance that this is not going to be the most exciting of my records and I wanted to apologise with my fans with this self-ironical cover.

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