Border zones

I always liked the zones around a border especially if I’m travelling by car. What I like most are those signs of a running change. First in the country that you are leaving you start to see few signs of the forthcoming country and culture and then, after the border is crossed, I like to smoothly get into the new country through the features that become more and more ‘local’.
I’m telling you that because I think that in my new record whose name should be “It’s all in here” you will perceive a similar feeling. There are a lot of signs of a ‘new composition culture” that you will find in it. But to be honest I don’t know if my intention is to move to another country or to stay in one of those border zones I like so much…

Working at new album

Just ended a working session on my new album. I’ve reviewed all the material prepared during past months and I’ve tried to understand if I can take out the final tracks for the next record. I would like to include around 14 tracks in the album. After the job I’ve done last week I’ve 18 songs to work on. Different styles and very different stages of completion. In some case there’s still a lot to work to do in some other is just missing the final mix. I think that what is common to all of them is the energy. I hope you’re going to feel it.