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Welcome to Dystopia – Song Notes

This song is taken from the record Escape from Dystopia, EP, 2019.

Very rarely the distance from the first version of my songs and the final is so small. There are usually additions, new arrangements, changes of mind in the melody and instruments.
This is not the case of Welcome to Dystopia that was born already with most of the sounds you can find in the record.
In the preparation of this article, I’ve found an old file with the beginning of this song. What surprised me is that it dates back to November 2017 and this means that Welcome to Distopia (was not that the name at the time) is probably one of my oldest track.
I don’t have the master of this version, only the output that contains even the metronome. Here below you can listen to it.
Ad you may notice the synth part was already very similar to the final one. The working title was very peculiar: Electric Horse.
It takes more than one year before I started to work again on this track, maybe because it didn’t fit with any of the disks I was making. So, it was December 2018 when I put my hands on it again and the first thing I’ve done was adding the drums. Maybe too invasive at the beginning as you may hear in the file here below.
Once the drums were fixed and made more in line with the synth line, the backbone of the track was ready but it was still too short. Just bit more than a music idea. Improvising with same synth sound and the drums, a further melodic line to be combined with the original one was almost ready. It is a very simple one but it keeps that obsessive progression of the song. Listen to it here below.
After this addition, there was the first change of song title that became “War of spies” and in this context, some nice effect would be appropriate. Here below one example.
While the planes are flying over the heads of our fighting spies, I had more or less all the elements to work at the final version of the track. Beside the usual editing process aimed to remove most of the imperfections, I’ve decided, to make the sound more immersive, to double synths and drums as you may hear in the following excerpt.
I think that it was the darkness of this track, that feeling of living in some oppressive situation that led me to the concept of the record “Escape to Dystopia”. Keep in consideration that only after the completion of the track, I’ve decided to change its name to “Welcome to Dystopia” and merge it with all other tracks in the small suite of the album. The remaining part of the work was just editing and remastering so, the next interesting thing you may want to listen to is the final version of the song and you can do it, here below using some of the most popular streaming services.

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