New Muynak's EP is out! Flames. Available now on all streaming services.

Welcome to the official website of Muynak

Hi there, this is Muynak speaking!
This is the brand new channel telling everything about Muynak (in other words me…) and his music.
It should not just a way to promote the songs but also a way to stay in touch with you and tell you how things are going here, what I’m doing as a musician and what is influencing my music.

Sometime I will also share with you some preliminary work so to receive some feedback before publishing new tracks.

Last but not least. Why the stage name of Muynak?
Well, this is a town in northern Uzbekistan, the place where the eco-disaster of Aral sea is more evident. I was very impressed when I was there by the atmosphere I perceived walking alone on the sand, there where it once was a sea. I would like everybody be aware of this story so to avoid similar event in the future and this is just a small action in order to achieve this result.
Picture above was taken in the former fish harbour of Muynak.

Stay tuned for more news and thoughts.

Bye for now.

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